Payment Details

Payment Deadline - May 30th 2017

Why do I need to pay so early ?
Well for us to cover all cost like food, t-shirts, invite printing and Venue cost most of these items have to be paid for up front before the event and they are not cheap. So the sooner we can get funds the better!

$50 - Adults
$30 - Kids (under 12)
$12 - Kids (under 2)
$12 - ONLY If you are unable to attend but would like a T-shirt


Below we have listed some payment instructions:


OPTION 1 - Direct Transfer
We have setup a Joint account for this event. The two signatories on the account are Stephan Johnstone and Feronika Suhartono.

Stephan Johnstone  (c) - 735-7539  / (o) - 2957539
Feronika Suhartono  (c) 703-0320

If you decide to pay online please make transfer to either one of the above names: To the Bank of Butterfield account: 0600013000018

1 - Please Include your name in the memo of the transfer, if you can.
2 - Please email once transfer has been made with the amount paid and list of names if you are paying for more then one person. We will then send you back a confirmation of payment once funds have been received. IF YOU DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL WE CAN NOT CONFIRM THAT PAYMENT CAME FROM YOU!!!


OPTION 2 - Contact your closest family Representative
There have been Reps assigned to different branches of the family Tree. Locate the closest Rep to you to deliver payment and contact details. Your rep will then bring your funds and contact details to our planning meetings or deposit in to the account. We will then contact you with confirmation of payment. To locate your rep please download the most recent FAMILY TREE HERE

Click here to view the list of confirm reps as of today!